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Indian Economy

Misra and Puri

Marketing Management

Kotler Keller

World History



LR Potti



Social Science Education

Managerial Economics

Monetary Economics

Suraj M Gupta

Managerial Economics

Macro Economic Theory

Money Income and Wealth

Developmental Psychology

Financial Institutions and Market

Indian Constitution and Politics

Mathamatical Analysis for Economics


Plus One

Mathamatics for Economics

International Economics

Theory of econometrics

Asian Drama


Basic Econometrics


Development as Freedom


Plus One

value and distribution

international economics

Managerial Economics

Basic tools for economic analysis

Micro economic theory and applications

Word power made easy

macro economics


teaching aptitude


economics of rubber cultivation

text book of sociology


economics theory and operations analysis

public finance


Modern micro economics

international economics


Plus Two

research methodology

Mathamatics for economics

price theory and its uses

The teaching of social studies

The teaching of social studies

The teaching of social studies in indian schools

Advanced educational Psychology

Education in the emerging indian society

Macro economic analysis

Indian economy


Indian economy


communication english

psychological foundations of education

human geography

Majid Hussain

Development and Globalization

David F Ruccio


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