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In the 1930s Sweezy developed the kinked demnd curve in an attempt to explain why prices in oligopolistic industries apparently remained rigid despite moderate changes in cost and demand conditions.

Leasing has grown by leaps and bounds in the eighties but it is estimated that hardly 1% of the industrial investment in India is covered by the lease finance against 40% in USA and 30% in UK and 10% in Japan.

Hire-purchase means purchase on an installment plan. The credit involved in the installment plan is provided by financial Institutions.

Leasing is a form of rental system. So, the main functions of leasing companies is to lease out equipments as rent to industrial companies.

Capital markets all over the world have been witnessing the dazzling development of derivatives. A derivative or derivative security is a financial instrument..

Capitalism has an inherent tendency to expand the productive capacity of consumer goods faster than the demand..

Depository receipt – A receipt for money deposited in a bank etc...

Economic development can also be seen as a level of economic attainment.

In the second half of the 19th century Ricardian economics ...