Team teaching is comparatively new in the field of education. It is interesting and significant development in education. U.S.A is said tobe the birth place of team teaching. In 1955 Harvard University adopted this method and there after many universities began to adopt this method all around the world. It is an innovation in school organization in which two or more teachers conduct teaching different parts of a subject toa group of students. From this method students will be benefited expertise of teachers.

Definition of Team teaching

According to M.B. Naik, “In a team teaching method, two or more teachers make a plan of the subject cooperatively. Carry it out, and always evaluate its effect on the students periodically”


  1. It is an instructional arrangement.
  2. It involves teaching to be conducted by two or more teachers.
  3. It calls for team spirit in teaching process.
  4. Team spirit of teachers is bound to benefit the students to the maximum.
  5. It is a sort of pooling of expertise and resources such as experience, interest, knowledge and skills of teachers.
  6. It is economical in the sense that it results in more work in less time.


  1. To improve quality of instruction.
  2. To exploit talents and expertise of teachers.
  3. To utilize resources of school.
  4. To understand importance of cooperation and group work among teachers.
  5. To develop the sense of shared responsibility.
  6. To increase flexibility in grouping and scheduling as the team teaching groups students according to their interests and aptitudes in the subject.

Guiding principles of team teaching

  1. Allocation of duties to teachers on the basis of their interests, qualifications and personality characteristics.
  2. Having varying size of the group according to the purpose of the team teaching.
  3. Allotment of time according to the importance of the subject.
  4. Providing appropriate learning environment by making arrangement of laboratory, good library, workshop etc..
  5. Providing appropriate learning behavior to each learner within the group.
  6. Exercising constructive supervision on the activities of the group.
  7. Keeping the level of team teaching appropriate to the level of leaner.

Types of team teaching

Johnson and Hunt suggested the following three types of team teaching.

  1. Team teaching within a single discipline: Here team teaching is conducted on the same subject.
  2. Different team experts related to the course.
  3. Combined team teaching with relate innovations: Here a few teachers who are interested in some innovations are asked to discuss their innovations of class room teaching to one group of learners.

Steps in team Teaching

  1. Planning .
  2. Execution .
  3. Evaluation .


  1. Team teaching stimulates thought and discussion among teachers.
  2. A strong sense of involvement and responsibility develops among the students.
  3. Team teaching gives adequate opportunities to the students for free expression.
  4. Team teaching affords opportunities to develop human relations essential for social adjustment.
  5. Teachers are motivated to work hard for the development of their professional proficiency.
  6. Team teaching makes proper use of the staff, equipment and the school resources.
  7. Team teaching helps in the maintenance discipline as it makes use of time and energy of students.
  8. Team teaching helps to evaluate teachers themselves and with one another.
  9. It also helps to improve instruction.


  1. Traditional conservative attitude: We always resist any new innovations.
  2. Lack of cooperation: There may be chance to have ego issues among co-teachers.
  3. Lack of facilities: Some schools may not be fully equipped with resources.
  4. Lack of accommodation.
  5. High cost.
  6. Problem of delegation of power: Administers are very reluctant to delegate their powers to any other agency.
  7. More research are needed for the proper utilization of team teaching in India.